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Fast Friendly & Reliable Concrete Delivery

At Busy Bee Concrete, our unique mission is to offer small yard concrete delivery to our customers at a reasonable rate. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality concrete and delivering it to you in a timely manner. No more long hours mixing sacrete, no waste and no clean-up!

Busy Bee Concrete is a locally owned family business operating out of Pleasant Grove Utah. We specialize in small yardage concrete delivery and specialty mixes. If you have seen the bumblebee striped trucks, that’s us! We haul up to 3.5 Yards in our small drum trucks and also offer a mix on site option for those who are not quite sure how much concrete they will need, guaranteeing that you are getting the exact amount and the freshest concrete possible.

Busy Bee Concrete is dedicated to providing the highest quality concrete and exceptional customer service on every job. There is no job too big or small. We have several trucks ready to deliver concrete, so whether you have a big shop slab or just a small piece of sidewalk, we can bring as much or as little as you need to get the job done.

Why Use Busy Bee Concrete?


Fast, Efficient Service

Friendly Staff

Easier than the big guys

Quality Concrete

Short load specialists

What our Customers Say

“My company does a lot of jobs that require small loads of concrete. We have been using a tow behind mixer that holds about a yard. We found this company 2 months ago and used them for the first time. We loved it. We don’t have to take time to send one of our guys to get concrete and they are also very competitive in price!”

- Matthew D

“Had a small pour and the driver (Rueben) was super helpful and friendly!! I would highly recommend them for any small concrete job!”

- Kevin W

“Busy Bee brought seven yards out to me today and it was the best concrete experience I've ever had. The drivers were super helpful, and super friendly. My uncle who was helping me said that these were the nicest, and most helpful truck drivers that he's ever used in over 40 years. I can't say enough good things about this company, and who they hire and their quality. I will highly recommend them to everybody that I know doing concrete.”

- Jay K

No Job Too Big Or Small

D.I.Y. Jobs

Need your driveway or RV pad replaced?

Our small drum trucks are perfect for driving over sidewalks and grass without doing damage, they can reach those places that the big guys just can’t. Don’t waste money on a pump truck, let our experienced drivers get your concrete where it needs to go and save you time and money.

Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways

Excavation Jobs

Our unique batch on site truck is great for pouring collars on site, you only pay for what comes off the truck, making your life and the developers life a little easier. Didn’t order enough? That’s okay, this truck carries 10 yards and can pour as much as you need.

Collars, Footings, Thrust Blocks

Small Construction and Landscaping Jobs

Many of our customers are landscapers who are just looking for 1-3 yards to pour a walk out basement in their clients back yard, or a small retaining wall. Our drum trucks are the ideal size for such jobs, we can breeze through those tight spots and get the concrete right where it needs to be.

Dog Runs, Fence Posts, Steps

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