Why Buy Busy Bee Concrete?

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality concrete while delivering fast and efficiently to your site, Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority and with multiple delivery options we can help you with all your concrete needs.

Busy Bee Concrete provides our customers with small loads of concrete in our 3.5 yard drum trucks

Need more than 3.5 yards? No problem, we also provide a batch on site truck which can haul up to 10 yards at a time, and both produce superior product and delivery, covering all your requirements for any job you have.

Our Short Load Mixer Trucks

When Busy Bee Concrete was started in 2016 the vision of our company was to provide an excellent product to our customers while making the task of getting shorter loads less expensive. With our small 3.5 yard mixers we are able to provide such service. They are light enough to drive on sidewalk and driveways without the risks of cracking, and can squeeze in smaller spaces such as a back yard gate. You aren’t compromising quality.

Need more than 3.5 yards?

One of the two methods that we use to deliver concrete is with a batch on site truck or “Volumetric Truck”.

We haul all the ingredients for concrete (sand, rock, cement, water and additives) in separate compartments on our truck. According to each customer’s strength specifications, gates are set at the outlet allowing the proper amount of each to drop onto a conveyor belt. This continuously moving conveyor belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where water and additives are added as it enters a 9′ auger, which mixes all ingredients together while it travels down toward the chute where it emerges as fresh concrete.

This has proven to be a very effective way for our customers to get the freshest and highest quality concrete.

Another benefit of using our batch on site truck is, you only pay for what comes off the truck, meaning there is no haul back, if you order 3 yards and only take 2.5 then you pay for 2.5 not 3! its always fresh and adding or reducing water is easier than with a drum truck, and wont compromise the strength of your concrete. Finally it is our only truck that can haul up to ten yards, accommodating all of our customers needs.